About Odie…

*There’s no angry way to say bubbles*

Odile Gertze – Actress, Dancer, Model, Voice, Presenter, Miss Namibia 2010



DSCF2825 copy


Born and bred in Windhoek Namibia, with a passion for the entertainment industry, Odile continues to make her mark. With a degree in Fashion Design from Elizabeth Galloway Fashion Academy and qualifications in Journalism from UNISA, she also has a passion for dance and is qualified Ballet Dancer. In 2010 she was crowned Miss Namibia which contributed to her skills of modelling, presenting, promotions, commercials and motivational speaking. Since her crowning, Odile Gertze has since been working as an actress, professional dancer, blogger, MC and model. Acting, as her main profession, began in 2013 with short films such as Gutter Culture and the Namibia Award Winning ‘Coming Home’. Nominated for Best Actress in Film at the 2014 Namibian Film and Theatre Awards, Odile has also enjoyed a successful dancing career, particularly with the widely popular African Ballet Titled ‘Anima’. In January 2015, the highly anticipated Namibian Feature Film, Katutura made its successful debut in local cinemas. That following year, Katutura had its international debut, screening at the 2016 Annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles. And in 2017, Katutura enjoyed more success by being nominated 7 times at the 4th Namibian Film and Theatre Awards 2017 with Odile sharing the honour of being nominated and winning the Best Female Actor in her role as Esme in Katutura. Odile has recently enjoyed the stage in productions such as ‘All the Girls in Their Sunday Dresses’ and ‘Thinning Lines’. Odile now currently works as a News Journalist for Radiowave since 2017.


Photography by Martin Amushendje

Instagram: @MartinAmushendje

Website:  www.amphotography.com.na

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